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This week felt extremely short, I spent the first two days in bed bored to death and felt like my head was going to explode, with a tissue stuffed up my nose. The only good point about being sick was how cheerful and supportive my friends were even though they were army/amsterdam/australia I went back to work on Wednesday and the week went by in the blink of an eye! My colleagues are an adventurous bunch, and somehow it always feels extremely comfortable around them. Be it lunch or working hours. But of course, when there’s work to be done-it’s serious.

I used to over-glorify medical certificates because they were a way for me to skive when I was younger (though I hardly used it) but this week… being sick was brutal. I reminded myself over and over again that I will take all necessary precautions to fall sick again. So I got myself back on the fit wagon and started my night runs!I have completed two runs this week!I started off slow paces and longer distances. The results : aching thigh muscles. But i definitely feel much healthier as I feel my body clearing up the virus, as well as my strength returning!

I’d like to state that I finally understand why my sister wants to coop herself in her room at the end of the work. I used to nag so much at her for not working out but now I understand the exhaustion at the end of the day-both physically and mentally. And because you only have the weekends to do what you want to do for yourself, time being scarce becomes a precious commodity. And all I want to do is just sleep when I get back home….

Decisions, decisions.

Oh yes, I also caught Captain America 2. Though the story was a little long, the only thing I could think of throughout the movie was…. “oh my gosh. Scarlett Johansson’s  hair.” I mean. It’s flawless! Come on!



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