I wake up to the hues of blue and the shrouds of greenery that shade us. There is no sound that wakes us, but the nature of being far away from what we call home. The words ‘alarm’ or ‘bills’ hold no meaning here, and time is eventual- but not essential. A rush of fear overwhelms me when I realize I am far from my comfort zone- but am comforted by your light breathing beside me, sound asleep. I get up, knowing I have no commitments, no responsibilities and nowhere else to be but here. I have nothing left to accomplish or earn, I have fought the good fight and now, finally- have all the time in the world to find me.

I get up and stand by the still lake, letting the cold nip through my skin and watch the sunrise. I listen to my heart beat as i vividly remember all that I am alive for-and with much to live for. And that after all the years of rushing from milestone to milestone, underhand means to competitions, and being left to leaving- that I have finally found my own form of serenity and peace.

I think that’s what paradise feels like.

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