Sick beyond relief



Had dinner with the girls after work on Thursday. It’s a little bit overdue, considering that my house internet has been down and after much troubleshooting I found out it was because my mother assumed we could use the old router after recontacting our internet line. Mothers and their lack of technology. Although, my sister’s boyfriend ended up setting the router for me.

I spent the whole weekend sick in bed. The current state of me: coughing my lungs out. I have probably drank more than 4 liters of water in the last three hours and eaten more than 6 capsules of Panadol cold since Saturday afternoon. Nothing works. To make it all worse, I had to miss a kayaking trip today with the family (which was pre planned more than 3 weeks ago) because I couldn’t get up from bed without my floor spinning.

I guess the only thing good about falling sick is that your appetite isn’t exactly there, so you can eat a whole lot less and not feel so weak about it- since you’re already asleep half the time in bed.

Just a short post before I continue my stance from coughing my lungs out.



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