Morning rush

I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate it when there is minus a hundred train etiquette among most people here in Singapore. The trains are always packed like sardines during the busy morning hour. If I had a dollar for every inconsiderate person on the train, I’ll be a millionaire.

The rude seat taker 

I have encountered this person a million times. I understand you’re tired but so am I. Chances are, if I’m standing in front of the seat that has just been vacated-it’s my seat. It is extremely rude of you to rush from the corner and sit on the seat. Also, it’s rude to glare at me if I reach the seat before you, obviously because I am nearer. Moron.

The armpit man 

I have encountered this at least three times in my entire life. They are usually men (sorry) and tall. Extremely tall. They perspire. A lot. And they do not use any form of deodrant. The rest is really self explanatory, really.

The woman with heels

I have encountered her once or twice and my sister has encountered her once in her life. Sadly, she had a more difficult time than me. The heels actually rubbed against my sister’s toenail and her left toenail came right out when the heel retracted from the movement of the train. She cursed and muttered because the lady didn’t even apologize and walked off to another cabin afterwards.

The ignorant one for the less fortunate

This one usually just sits on the reserved seats and when a senior comes in, he/she pretends not to see, or look right past them as if they aren’t even there. And finally, I would give up my seat. (And I’m not sitting on the reserved seat!)

The demanding adults

A colleague of mine once said to me, getting a seat because you are old is not a right. It is a privilege. I have once watched a older adult scream at the top of her voice at a youth to get up and give his seat to her. He wasn’t sitting on the reserved seat, but there was a working adult plugged in watching movies on his iPhone on the reserved seat. I thought that was pretty unreasonable considering it should be a public good, not something you demand out of it. And to be honest, she wasn’t even that unsteady or old.

The one consistently on the phone

I absolutely detest this one. Simply because it’s usually the early mornings when I take the train and I love peace and quiet to get ready for the morning. They’re loud, and they give me a huge headache when they talk at the top of their voices, including trying to outbid the wind while we’re going through the tunnels under ground. Shut up. Shut up!

If you can’t tell, I’m a grouch in the mornings. Self admittedly.

So please. Have some manners. Come on.


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