my mind forgets to remind me (you’re a bad idea)

Spending time sifting out what is essentially ‘you’ is probably the most stomach churning process to go through. It’s scary, really. When you remember something you used to like about yourself and then you wake up one day realizing it isn’t actually what you wanted. It wasn’t you. No one’s blaming anyone though. I guess on some extent we made a unconscious decision to act on or change about ourselves. Somewhat a weird psyche.

Like my mom always says, “you have to take responsibility for your actions.

Endearing. Isn’t it?

This week has been extremely good to me (ignore my bipolarity with the previous posts). Work has been extremely fulfilling! We paired up with Health promotion board’s ambassadors to conduct a healthier cooking demonstration for the seniors of our organization this week. I was quite zoned out by then because I was quite sleepy from sleeping late the night before but it was all worth it! (Tea is the way to go  *I throw my hands up in the air sometimes*)


I also spent the weekend cycling and venturing out of Pasir Ris to punggol with Jasper. We completed at least 15 kilometers in distance (we survived with an aching bum and muscle aches the morning after- or at least I did!) We finally settled at the benches along Punggol waterway with a cup of bubble tea enjoying the night view while listening to feel good inc. It was a good turn around because I wasn’t in the best mood that afternoon. Sigh sometimes some things are better if you just let it go.

you know what they say, “Let go. And Let god.”


Spent my Sunday babysitting this little monster. Coming 13 months of age, she’s starting to learn how to walk and she crawls everywhere. She’s extremely loud and active and cries (non-stop) because she’s extremely attached to my sister. So once my sister left the house, it was chaos. She finally toned down when I brought her for a long walk in the pram around the estate!

Babysitting her was not easy but I really hope that things will change when she grows older and hopefully becomes more independent with good reasoning. Besides, who can say no to these chubby cheeks!


Alright, it’s time to head to bed because i’m 16 minutes past my bedtime.



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