As long as the seasons need to

“Don’t you worry child. See heaven’s got a plan for you.”    -Swedish House Mafia

I used to rant and rave so much about how my sisters and I share such a huge age gap (We are 9/12/13 years apart respectively), thus depriving me of my ‘typical’ teenage to young adulthood years. While my peers found new interests in music, school drama and so on, I sat through debates at the family table about childbirth, parenting techniques and even housing policies. I won’t lie to say that it stressed me greatly because it seemed that my sisters had already figured their lives out in deep contrast to me (who was still pandering around life as if it was a joke) thus making me dislike the age gap greatly. This is no secret in my family, considering we’re very open and strong willed in voicing out what we really think, or feel.

It wasn’t until recently that I re-learnt and understood that nothing mattered more than family to me (ohana~), and that everything that was shared helped me to form my own opinions in earlier years by making an informed decision. It also made me remember that support should come naturally in a family, no matter what ‘life stage’ that we’re going through (This included me remembering my terrible teen years).

I swim in the neutral waters when it comes to babies. But somehow, when they’re your siblings children- they’re exceptionally cute! Especially when they’re yours to play with, not discipline. Instances like these include once in a lifetime moments when they end up falling asleep in your arms.

Sigh. My little critters of what we call nieces and nephews 🙂

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