She moves in her own way

While scrolling through my old posts today, it struck me that I wrote many times about embracing the idea of humanity and the emotions that go through within our lives. It was recently when a girl from shanghai actually used Instagram as a link of showing her steps to her own suicide (click here) that left me utterly shocked and heartbroken at the same time for her. It made me think that maybe some emotions that are deemed humanistic could sometimes be too difficult for us to bear-like anxiety or sadness- through life transitions, leading to emotional crises like bipolarity or depression. Or you know, we could be just determined as a new trend of a strawberry generation, weak and unbecoming, unappreciative and self absorbed, and lost. Always lost.

I never liked to talk about death on a whole (bad experiences, sad experiences). It seems like such a morbid topic and practically almost taboo in our Asian context (choy!) but I felt that it was such a waste. It was such a waste that nobody reached out to her in time, it was a waste that she couldn’t see her worth and it was a waste that she gave up on life. Which makes me wonder-are our humanistic emotions too difficult to handle?

Maybe that’s why unsaid coping mechanisms are put into place, such self sooth methods through religion with words of comfort and directions and traditions of actions that are frowned upon-which in turn creates some sort of imaginary barrier for us humans to either choose to self heal, understand or to move on from the trials and tribulations in life to better perspectives and days.

My colleague taught me the other day that one thing we fail to realize is that one size never fits all. We might think we’re the similar, but we’re never exactly the same. Maybe at one point of time, we could experience the same situation but there are just some people who feel more than others, some that just love more and some that just hurt a lot more than others.


6 thoughts on “She moves in her own way

    1. Hi Russel, I’m sorry to hear about your father. I can only assume that they hid the real situation because you were still young and assumed that it would be better for you not to know. However I am in no position to say that what they did was right. I do hope you have found enlightenment regarding situation. you know what they say- tough times don’t last, tough people do!

      1. Some things are difficult to be understood and explained. I could come up with reasons that each relative felt that the other was in a better position or relationship towards you to break the news to you, or that it got too difficult to do so over the years.I do not justify their actions but I am trying to understand their actions instead. We are humans and sometimes we make mistakes. It is within one that we find enlightenment and choose to forgive one another, especially when family is important. I hope you can understand where I’m coming from. If you ever want to talk about it, you can always mail me. Cheers!

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