I can’t waste time so give it a moment (I realize, nothing’s broken)

After almost a month since the end of our final year project, I finally got the time to meet the girls after work for a short dinner and catch up! It’s funny how it feels like forever as we spent the time over dinner sharing about things we experienced in the last month, and how our lives have changed so much after unofficially graduating. Our plans range from working full time, to backpacking, to finding what we wanted to do in life. Even to the things we quietly struggled with, one of it included the pressures of growing up, as well as the pressure of giving back to our family and parents both in factors of time and money. Chinese values, Chinese values.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my heritage and I guess I do think my mother deserves much credit for bringing me up right through the tough times. Giving back financially has always been something that I find should be done as a daughter.

Being born without a silver spoon, as well as being the cross roads of  deciding between working full time or going to university (or both), I’m glad that I have them to depend on for a listening ear and for fresh perspectives in times of difficulty. Sometimes only the people who are in a similar situation can empathize and see it sometimes even better and clearer than you do 🙂

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