The rest is still unwritten

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield has always been a song full of cheer for possibilities and fresh starts, and i think that’s what I really need now- for good!

Survived my first week of working full time! I absolutely love the chicken rice nearby. It’s not as great as Pow Sing but I guess it’s much better than most of the food I’ve tried around my workplace. My organization was moving house this week so we were working throughout the week such as lifting and unpacking of items, drilling noises and lots of dust. But it was also a time of teamwork and laughs, as well as me settling into my new environment. I finally set up my desk and have my very own work laptop! 🙂

IMG_1531[1]IMG_1548[1]  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Celebrated my very first work week of TGIF with  Jared who waited ever so patiently for me as I took the train back home. We ended up eating burger king and I regretted not up sizing my onion rings dearly. It was one of those nights with long meaningful talks before I came to a realization of my own thoughts. I can’t stress this enough that childhood friends are the ones that really know you through and through that when they’re around nothing feels more comfortable or at home with than them.

IMG_1566[1] IMG_1567[1]

Saturday was mad packed with events!

I had work in the morning for a workshop and rushed over to Charlotte’s first year birthday party before heading to HPV (for the first time in my entire life) and then celebrating saul’s 21st birthday at M hotel.

Charlotte’s birthday was a blast! My sister actually hired someone to come and do a photo booth for us, so we basically spammed pictures, including some with my lovely grandma. I ended up sitting at the pool with Sarah and tanning half the time, and then watching the children run and play. There were so many children I lost count! It was funny how me and Sarah were just…. avoiding the children *smirk*

I actually received a goodie bag of Spongebob’s Patrick for PEZ. Can you believe it? Do you even remember PEZ? My favorite goodie of all time *Slurp*



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_1586[1]

After Charlotte’s birthday party, we headed down to Haw Par Villa. It was actually my first time there, I’ve never had any trips or excursions here as a child. Did you guys know that it was constructed in the 1930’s? that’s almost slightly more than 70 years ago! I have to say it was pretty creepy at first considering how many statues there were, but yet it was extremely insightful to understand the chines culture better, especially how the ten courts of hall was displayed. I wish the park was better maintained though, I wanted to read the boards but some of the words were faded and I couldn’t read the stories 😦

Pretty flowers all over the place though 🙂

IMG_1598[1] IMG_1600[1]

I rushed back home after HPV to take a shower and a short nap! The past week has been pretty tough struggling to balance bedtime and enough hours of sleep with my social life and other commitments. I (sadly) ended up with barely 5 hours of sleep consecutively for three days, so it was needless to say that by the end of the party I was exhausted and set the alarm for an hour’s nap.

I didn’t hear the alarm.

Got up at the third alarm (which was to tell me it was time to leave the house) in panic mode. I ran around the house screaming and finding my heels before rushing off to meet Em for Saul’s 21st! I was super lucky that I was on time 🙂

Saul’s 21st was actually held at studio M hotel, which is known for their pretty loft rooms! I’ve always dreamed of having a loft if I ever had the chance to. HDB’s in Singapore have such low ceilings that it’s almost impossible to. The place was so pretty! We actually had dinner and a cut cake at the poolside, which was filled with Saul’s family and other friends. It was a huge turnout in my opinion!

Happy 21st birthday Saul!

Me, Saul and Em ended up staying the night! Had a really yummy supper of chicken wings and pasta mania and Em was the first one to sleep. I followed suit soon after as the poor birthday boy beside me kept telling me to stay awake… but…..

I’m sorry Saul I really tried to HAHA

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_1606[1]IMG_1608[1]

Took the train back home this afternoon in the blazing sun. SINGAPORE Y U NO RAIN? I completely K.O-ed in the train all the way back home before coming back home to take a even longer nap. Woke up to the sound of my sisters visiting. I completely forgot that they were leaving for the UK this week and Declan will be spending the next two weeks at our place.


Met Huanyi for dinner at Changi village after 🙂 It was a short but good catch up. Brought her to my spot to enjoy the wind but the haze really ruined it (and gave me a bad headache after).  Rocking it since 2010!

IMG_1640[1] IMG_1641[1]

sums up my eventful weekend! It’s time to head to bed early because work calls tomorrow. Week 2 lets go! 🙂


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