We’ve got holes but we carry on

A lot of things have been happening recently and there’s no way to really put my thoughts into words, but on difficult days, I take great comfort in telling myself to take one day at a time. Indeed my mother spoke words of truth because It feels as if this year is going by way too fast! (Stop, Please!)

The house has been abuzz with energy, making a busy yet fulfilling week with my family.  I managed to meet my sister and my nephew for a catch up lunch the other day! When you put girls together with credit cards (or rather with one credit card…). I ended up going a little crazy and bought some clothes for work and a new set of flats (thanks sis!). Even picked up my brother in law after work and he gave me a lift back home. Perks of having a sister who dotes on you *smirk* always thankful 🙂

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I also will be at Fox-out’s first ever booth sale happening this weekend at Suntec! Apparels are going at slashed prices so girls, grab them while you can! I’ve been seeing all the hard work that Charles & Sarah put into Fox-out that I have to say that I’ve never been happier for them of their achievements! 

For girls who are bigger than other girls like me- heads up! I really fell in love with this dress from Fox-out, and it’s a bustier dress also known as the Paradiso Bustier Dress in watercolour  that flatters my shape and fits me! I was fretting as to what to wear this weekend for my sister’s birthday lunch and this dress came in handy! (I’m not paid to do advertorials because let’s face it I’m not a famous blogger) But I really liked this dress, it was of good quality and its colours were extremely cheerful. It really perked up my day 🙂

It’s on backorder now so you guys can join the waiting list here!

I’ve come to accept and love my body for what it is. I used to be extremely self conscious about the fact that I was not a typical uk 6/8 but a uk 10 (which I spent half my teenage life trying to change with exercise). But with time, I’ve realized what matters is that you’re healthy (keeping fit) and confident of yourself. I’ll admit there are days when I don’t feel too good about myself but I think I’ll get there (to have a consistent positive body image) eventually some day!

After all, your self worth isn’t determinant on a number on a scale 🙂


Oh and yes. I am now a blackhead,and welcomed with open arms into the life of a working adult.

I start tomorrow.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetSnapshot_20140228_3


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