The concept of space always never fails to leave me belittled. The idea of having been given ‘space’ is both confusing yet comforting. Sometimes it feels like a gift, in small doses it makes us learn,with big realizations on our mistakes,but has been proved with better results  in large doses. Sometimes these large doses seem detrimental to our mental health. How can such a imaginary concept have no definite form or quantity but yet provide such an infinite reassurance? Space? Space. I like the idea of space.

The space between you and I, an imaginary line which I will not let you cross. I might go there sometimes to see if the grass was indeed greener on the other side- but I will not live there. I will teach myself each time to come back home.My head is my home.

Doubts lead the obstacles,

Faith leads the way.

Doubt questions, ‘Who believes?’

Faith answers, ‘I’.


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