You don’t know how lovely you are

A few nights back, Charles brought me, Sarah and Raphael out for dinner for a celebration (I shan’t reveal what’s up because only time will tell). A Japanese buffet dinner was on the menu and I stuffed myself silly with plates and plates of Unagi, Crabsticks, sweet Beancurd and so on (you know the drill). We then drove to the docks of Punggol while we were screaming our lungs out to We are young by FUN. It was  a really good winding out moment through the final lap of polytechnic.

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Aside from that, last night was also a very interesting change of events. I’m quite amazed at how everything panned out so well. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, and we celebrated it for her at this Japanese restaurant called Ootoya. Their food was really good (their beef set was yum!) but sadly they were severely understaffed which made the ordering and waiting extremely excruciating, especially when you (or I) was/is starving.

Anyway, happy birthday to the one and only woman in my life (this would sound a lot sweeter if I was a male, but you get my gist). I say (and blog) the same thing every year, so this year I’m just going to use my amazing summary skills which were supposedly honed in my O level year. My mother has been nothing short of amazing, and she has given up so much of herself for our family. With that being said, I love her to bits.

Somehow, with her- it seems that she embodies the idealistic notion of love, that the purest form of love- is sacrifice.

I love you mommy, happy birthday.

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So at dinner, Jon messaged me whether I was free tonight. Just at that moment, dinner had ended and all of us were going back. I had to make a quick decision and as I contemplated Jon said, “You don’t have an excuse! You’re coming!”

(in the sense that I’m supposedly free now since I’ve unofficially graduated and also because Jon is leaving for his next semester in Melbourne so we won’t be hanging much for the whole of this year)

So after dinner, my sister gave me a ride to Neh’s bus stop and together, we met Jon at his place. Neh had this theory of me (which I agree now to some point) that I am in ‘transition’ of leaving my old shell for the new one. Jon laughed and said there shouldn’t be a shell in the first place. Weird conversations, weird.

Neh : “in the past, when we asked you out for late nights did you ever say yes?”

me : “no….”

Neh: “Your old shell would say, let’s have sleepovers! Your new shell is coming out with us!”

( I laughed because I would have picked a sleepover any day, I just didn’t know it would be highlighted so well by my friends). Ben decided to join us too and we took a cab to Clarke Quay- and that’s where I learnt the term ‘Pub Crawl’.

Pub crawl: A tour taking in several pubs or drinking places, with one or more drinks at each.

The night was young and we walked most of the way to different places. We met really strange yet funny people at the same time, including a Caucasian guy who ended up singing (or screaming) with Jon- and taking his hat to the dance floor. Eventually, we ended our pub crawl at Zouk’s bar which was a eye opener for me because I’ve never been there before.

I didn’t drink much but I have to say my body is (not)as intolerant to alcohol as it was when I was younger. I also have a slower metabolism now which results in deep, deep weight gain (sigh). I have come to realize I still love margaritas, and started on long Island teas. Honestly, nothing felt more safe than to go pub crawling with the guys-considering that  I’ve known since we were children, including the fact that they were chivalrous ( Doors were held open, the pace of walking was chosen by me, my chair was always pulled for me to sit etc) – I didn’t have to worry about getting lost, or getting scolded or hit because honestly, some people can go a bit crazy with alcohol and angst issues. I had three safety nets or rather.. body guards, if you may!

I had so much fun and it was definitely a night to remember. One for the ages guys!

IMG_1023[1] Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_1033[1] IMG_1040[1]IMG_1039[1]

crawled back home at close to four in the morning. For the first time in forever, I noticed that my mother has created a habit of sleeping and leaving her room door open when I tell her I’m coming back late (which is rare, I swear). I only realized it last night that she kept her door open as her way of saying ‘I’m waiting for you to come back safely’ and I thought that was really sweet of her 🙂

After 4 hours of sleep, I dragged myself out of bed to say goodbye to twin 😦 It’s sad to see her go but I’m happy that she’s almost done with her university education, and when she gets back, she’d be an unofficial graduate! we have come so far and fought so hard in terms of our obstacles in life together that I can’t help but feel a sense of acheivement and a raw form of happiness for her each time she pulls through. Love you onion! I’ll be seeing you real soon xx

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Alright, enough updates for now! *Brb recovering in progress*


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