Oh-oh (let me come home)

Sorry for the lack of posts, have been really up and about running here and there for this jam packed weekend. As you guys already know, Friday was valentine’s day. On Saturday  morning, I had my (important) interview and followed by a catch up with khee (an old friend of mine) for coffee, and then a barbecue at night to celebrate Jared’s 23rd birthday. All these events included me running through my group’s poster for our upcoming final presentation, as well as attempting to read through our group’s report to prepare myself for the final presentation (which I’m not exactly sure whether I’m prepared for yet).


Valentine’s day was spent with none other than twin! For those of you who follow my instagram, you guys would know that this has been an ongoing tradition for me and twin since 2010! This year marks our 3rd year following through the tradition (last year was a bust because she was in Australia finishing up her semester) and we had our usual singapore slings and pizza at Timbre. Settled for a really relaxed dinner.

Why Valentines day? Well. We started this out in 2010 then because we decided that  the holiday itself was a little far fetched and overrated with the comercialization of flowers and balloons (by the way we counted 32 bouquets and flowers of couples that walked by on valentine’s this year). We decided to take the opportunity of using the holiday to a catch up dinner between the both of us, no matter where we may be in life, or how busy we are with life.

Was treated like a princess and surprised with a card…. and a gift! Earrings! Needless to say with my obsession with hearts and one that matched my current outfit, I chose the diamond hearts to put on.

Always a good one with you bb xx

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I had my first and ‘real’ interview on Saturday morning for a full time job! I was all psyched up and ready ( I even was doing Q&A with twin the night before to ‘prepare’ for the interview) and when I reached Marina Mandarin Hotel, I was asked to sit at a table with two people, the vice and chair of directors. I was a little intimidated at first but I smiled, shook their hands (three times, firmly- like how professional communications taught me at school!) and sat down and smiled.

One of them said, “Do you know what you’re getting yourself into by getting into this sector?”

I smiled, confidently saying “yes!”

‘Well then, You’re on board! Welcome to the family!”

I was in shock. Utter shock. I thought It’d be a difficult interview considering the board of directors haven’t exactly met me, though I did work together with the head previously on my internship with this company. I was then brought around where I met all (12?) board members of the company, shaking their hands and having refreshments with them while being introduced as a new colleague joining the senior department! I was really thankful for being given such an opportunity 🙂


Was wearing my new flats from H&M and guess what…. after barely an hour walk in them,  3 big blisters appeared! I called Khee (who I was meeting for breakfast) and needless to say khee appeared bringing his Haviannas for me to wear, and it’s the only pair he has. Was extremely thankful! Had a really good catch up with him before we said our goodbyes!

I went home to catch an hour of nap time because I was so exhausted from the past few days of activities. Before I knew it, it was time to get up and head to Lennard’s for Jared’s birthday celebration! The walk in was longer than expected (because Lennard Lives very far in his estate from the bus stop ) but strangely I enjoyed the walk in and out by myself because it was really windy and the music played on the radio was really good.

It feels extremely weird to not have Carol around because the five of us were always together (Although Jon has been away since last year) but we managed to make do with the beauty of technology!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The get together was extremely good! Chips with salsa dips, barbecued food, moscato and fruit juice and beer. Lennard’s parents were out and when they came back his mother went around guessing our names. And when it came to my turn, she went : ‘ I’m going to guess. Cally! You’ve grown up so much!’

Context: Lennard’s mother was actually my kindergarten teacher *beams*

Childhood friends are an amazing bunch of people. I think they’re probably the most genuinely caring bunch of friends (who show their care in weird ways). At the dinner table, one of them congratulated me on my article and said “Next up- elite daily!”. I love how they can be so supportive of dreams I don’t exactly entertain yet, because it shows that they have more faith in what I can do than myself, which is really sweet 🙂

My friends have weird expressions of me when I insist on taking photos for them. Some roll their eyes (Nahshon), some stare at me and sigh (Nahshon) and I go, “you make these faces now but ten years down the road all of you would beg me for these photos!” Barely two hours later, one of them (Nahshon) messages me to ask me for the photos *smirk* I love how I can prove a point.

Jared was going to take out the knife after cutting the cake, but me being the ‘mother’ of photos wanted him to smile with the knife still in the cake. I went, ‘Jared keep it in!’ and then Jon went ‘that’s what she said.’ And the next thing I know Nay burst out laughing and it took me almost three seconds to get it before I gave them a really really dirty glare *sigh* so cheeky.

The even funnier bit was when almost about 15 seconds after the joke was made, Ben looked at me and laughed while saying ‘oh. I just got it.’ HAHA I LOVE YOU GUYS

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Was a little whoozy and sleepy after the party and sat at the bus stop waiting for bus 103. You know that feeling when 3 hours feels like 5 seconds? Well. I tapped my app and it said 4 minutes. So I sat and watched in the direction of where the bus was coming. (Btw it was the last bus, so if I missed it I couldn’t get to my next bus stop to take the bus home). And guess what? I sat and watched my bus zoom past me, and it was only 4 seconds after that I registered that that was MY bus to take home. Good one Cally. Good Game. Ended up taking a new bus (50?) and attempting to run for 88 somewhere along Sengkang and getting home in one piece because I refused to take a cab home. YAY ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.

Jared is finally 23! It’s scary because I knew Jared when he was 9 (and I, 8) so that means….. 23-9= 14 years (?!)  Wow. Just wow. But yet again, Isn’t friendship like wine? the older it gets, the better. To more years of friendship!

Hope everybody’s weekend was amazing! All love around xx


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