A riddle as told by Carol

” All in one house are strange brothers three, as unlike as any three brothers could be. Try as you may to tell brother from brother, and you’ll find that the trio resemble each other.

He first isn’t here, although he’ll come beyond doubt, the second departed, so he’s not about. the third is the smallest, and is right on the spot. And manage without him, the others could not.

Yet the third factor which which to be reckoned, is that the first brother turns into the second, you cannot stand back and observe number three. For one or the other is all you will see.

Now tell my my child, are the three brothers one? or are they but two. Could there be none? name them and at once you will realize, that the three brothers rule a kingdom of infinite size.

They rule it together and they are it as well, and in that they are alike, so where do they dwell?”


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