It started with a whisper (and that was when I kissed her)

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Had a final consultation before my final presentation that’s happening this Tuesday. Psyched to finish my tertiary education with a blast! My third sister who is now currently on maternity  leave drove over to school to pick me up for our long overdue catch up lunch! When I was younger, she used to make it a point to take me to the arcades and to a meal whenever she could see that I felt stressed or overwhelmed from school. I’m glad that despite her taking up new roles in her like (aka being a mother), she still makes time for me. *grin*

Like they say, “you can kid the world, but not your sister”.

Another amazing thing happened to me today! I was at consultation in school when I saw a email. I didn’t think too much of it and even as I read the email, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Because….

My article was live, on thought catalog (!!!)


thought catalog 2

thought catalog 3

I wrote this almost two weeks ago and didn’t think too much about it and I had assumed that It didn’t get selected because I never heard from them. This was definitely a really happy moment for me and I have never been more thankful for such an opportunity! I even have a profile on thought catalog now (gah!!! *cries*)  Thanks everyone for the support!

Back from the clouds- I’ve come to the conclusion that you can only care so much for someone, especially when you realize you both can live completely and whole without another.  As my sister tells me, never find someone to replace your inadequacies, but to complement them instead. This may take some time to realize but eventually you might see that your happiness isn’t tied down to anyone else but you, and you owe yourself that much to try picking up every piece you left behind.

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