Nobody said it was easy (oh it’s such a shame for us to part)

One of the best songs of all time.

Spent my morning being served like a princess, Sarah cut me fruits and delivered it right to my doorstep. Spent the morning doing some poster work before sleeping the afternoon away, and then waking up and doing work a little more till dinner time. I can’t believe how many hours this final year project can take you. It’s absolutely insane.

I realized today we stay around friendships that have long died because we hope that one day these friends will come back and realize-that we were the ones that were waiting for them all along-for the goodness that we presume used to exist in them to reappear.  Then we ask ourselves, why stay around watering a dead plant?

Today I realized that as we grow older, our perspectives of things are constantly changing. The things I swore to never do, I did. And the things I swore to never succumb to, I did.  With that, just like my friends, it reinforces that change is ever constant, ever changing, and never idealistic. With that being said, you can only hope that friends through the ages change with you, or accept you for your change.

I then realized that I have changed, and in retrospect, I could be a dead plant to others without realizing. And then I hope, and pray, that the friends that I have left behind unknowingly, will continue watering our plant.

I like late night car rides to nowhere. Nowhere and anywhere from here.



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