There you go (there you go again )

I still remember how it all changed. My father said – ‘Don’t you worry Child. See heaven’s got a plan for you.’

Today marks a significant date when I look at the scars that I still bear. I used to peel at the scabs for answers but at the end of the day I realized the answers that I wanted were what not what I needed. Eventually, I gave up looking for them and as time went by- the stains of memories ended up more faint, more distant, and even more remote.

It was so easy to give up then. In times of difficulties you can’t handle? It was so easy to just not give a damn and jump into the life of a social recluse.

A friend told me to stop putting myself in a black box determining every way i ought to feel, but to just let myself feel  instead.

It was the best advice I’ve ever heard.

Because from that day on-wards, I’ve felt like I’ve let you go a long, long time ago.

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