Lets make the most of the night (like it’s the last night of our lives)


I spent my day at the supermarket in the early morning with Sarah gathering vegetables for our all day vegetable detox,  the afternoon half in bed and at the club playing badminton and then lying on the floor of the gym after whilst controlling myself from screaming out from the pain of the muscle aches of yesterday and the onset of my cramps today. Everywhere is aching and I’m utterly exhausted and all I can think about now is bed.

Charles convinced me to go to the gym today despite the cramps, labeling it as ‘pure laziness’. Me and Sarah scoffed as she screamed at him “See! You always don’t believe me!”

If I had a wish. Just a wish. I’d let guys have periods for three years. Just because I want to prove a point so badly.  I’d love to see you men try to do your day to day activities while it feels like your tummy (or uterus) has a wringing effect every half an hour or so. Jared once laughed and told me that he could never trust ‘anyone that could bleed for five days and not die’. How sexist.

Oh yes- why am i working so hard?

Me, Charles and Sarah made a bet on who could lose the most weight in 7 days. The loser has to cook, wash the dishes, and help with laundry once a week, for a month. The loser also has to post on their Facebook accounts that they lost the challenge! With the stakes being so high, I am determined to lose a bigger percentage of body fat than my brother (who by the way obviously needs to lose more weight than me). (As long as I’m not last…)

Determination and advice anyone?! I need to survive past  my massive hungry pangs and cravings (at least for the next 5 days). Wish me luck!



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