Need more sleep

Finally got a clear sense of what I wanted to do and no words can truly express how terrifying it is

but some steps though terrifying, are necessary

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#BSWK Social Work, Graduate Lo (Ng,2017)


Official graduated with a degree in Social Work last month. The journey has been long, arduous but at the end of the day, it was a journey that I needed to take.

The world has always been a place where I’ve wished to change, which is why I started wanting to pursue social work in the first place. I think i realized that when I was a month shy of my 21st birthday. I remember people I loved then around me telling me that it was a job that did not pay the bills, others encouraged me to try something else first and then come back to the social work sector later in life.

I was lucky though, unlike some of my peers, I had already figured out what to do in life. Or at least had a glimmer of what I knew I wanted to do.

Fast forward, I’m 25 and a social worker.

I do not claim to do this on my own. I did not have the strength to overcome part time studies and full time work, but I did because of the one big father I have above. And with that, I thank God for every opportunity he gave me along the way. Along with the big family I had for the last almost 4 years at FaithActs who never stop to cheer me on and feed me at work whenever I’m tired. They have shown me such love that I am ever grateful for.
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Aside from that: I have my regrets which I take with me. The biggest bit would be that my dad did not get to see me graduate. But I’m sure he got a glimpse of his youngest daughter shooting a dirty look at the man who pronounced my name as “Cor lee Chan tell le” as I went on stage.

Fast forward, I’m 25. I’m happy with my life and the way it has turned out. I am blessed with God’s grace, nothing more. My heart is full.

May we continue to be the change we wish to see in the world.


“Don’t stop chasing your dreams”  has been something I’ve heard most of the time while growing up

yesterday I realized no one ever said to me,

“Don’t stop chasing one another”

in our relationships with our family, friends or loved ones

this is probably why everyone became so individualistic, so jaded and possibly so taken for granted for all the time

when will we ever start learning how to be there for one another and live in the moment?

There’s no point treasuring a memory because when the moment’s gone, its gone for good


Happiness is a two way street

I had a interview the other day to which a complete stranger said to me this:

“There’s no other way of putting this nicely. But what’s with you and getting things done quickly?”

I wasn’t offended by him, at all. It just came across as a surprise that someone could click so quickly on my habits upon our first meeting. It gave me many things to think about, but I guess the closest thing I came up to was that I am a planner by nature. I plan my schedules, plan my assignments, plan my travels step by step.

Busy isn’t the best word to put as a status right now, but I guess when I truly say goodbye to institutionalized learning- more free time will give me more time to pursue my little hobbies like travelling, ordering in tons of book depository books that I never ever finish reading and hopefully, a little more time with the people I’ve been neglecting due to time constrains now.

This goes out to the people who consistently inspire me and remind me of my goals with their never ending support and love.


In the meantime…….. sleep awaits because living the last week on 5 hours of sleep whilst stressing out on assignments till the wee hours did not work well on me

I need 28 hours a day

Bloop bloop

There comes a point of time where you have to determine whether you’re growing in the way you wish to be, or if you are challenged in the way you wanted to grow. 

I was severely dissappointed recently by an incident that I was waiting for many years to happen. Perhaps it was a matter of altering my expectations but I had really hoped, and prayed that a breakthrough would have happened. That’s probably why I dwelled into putting all my effort and energy in to avoid such an incident. But it happened anyway, making my effort as good as zilch. 

That aside, I just wanted to update this space to say that studying under a full time curriculum while working full time is a lot to handle under the belt. But like I’m consistently reminded of, “no one put a gun to your head, you chose this completely on your own” while my mother laments how she sees my youth going in my sheer tiredness (thanks mum, really) 😳 

But that being said, I guess it will be worth it. In the meantime, i hope to look forward to the journey till graduation, and not so much of graduation itself. 

Have hope. And hopefully remeber  joy like a kindie. 

my death of social life


I don’t think i was mentally prepared when I told my mom I was ready for my death of my social life for the next year

school has been extremely tough, the academics and expectations necessary of us are insane

on a side note: i’m thankful that my coursemates are people who inspire me consistently in the eldercare field

I’ll be back

Count your blessings

Reading a reply from an uncle of Leon’s today by accident:

Uncle: Cally’s got a kind heart. You are lucky to have her. 

Leon: Yes I am lucky.  

Uncle: And Cally is lucky to have you too. Please tell her that. 


How blessed are we to have something so good that makes saying goodbye difficult to

Thankful for the last two+ years

Looking forward to winning many more fights and tantrums while snacking on pringles/macs/whatever you hate eating because i love them all muahaha